This page is for digital handouts from our conference presenters. Notes, PowerPoint presentations and links to reference material will all be added to this list as they become available.


Please be aware that presenters own the rights to their material. Sharing online is at their option. If you would like handouts or links that you don’t see here, please contact the presenter directly.



Keynote Presentation



 Business and Finance Workshops


Accounting Update for Schools

by Warren Haag

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Getting the Most from Your School’s Insurance Policy

by Sean Graham

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Benchmarking Reports for Schools

by Tracey Yan

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CSI Pension

by Howard Van Mersbergen


CRA Compliance for Independent Schools

by  Aaron Oh



Using Your Annual Financial Reports to Educate Your School Community

by Mike Hansum


Charitable Tax Framework for New Business Managers

by Tracey Yan

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So You Want a New School

by John Vegt (JKCS) and Jim Rowson (WRCA)



Development Workshops


Fundraising Strategy

by Christopher Primeau



Keeping Faith in Fundraising

by Rod Wilson



Revolutionizing the Donor Journey

by Philip Manzano



The Myth of the Whale Hunter

by Christopher Primeau



Connecting with Your Donors

by  Marinus Koole and Dave Broughton


Brand Matters

by Gayle Goossen



Positioned for Success

by Gayle Goossen


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