Business and Finance Workshops

in order of occurrence

Accounting Update for Schools

by Warren Haag

Find out about managing the new changes to the 2017/18 SOPSOC and ES forms. Also, learn how changes to the standards for review engagements may affect your year end.


Getting the Most from Your School’s Insurance Policy

by Sean Graham

Learn what to look for when reviewing your school’s insurance policy to ensure you’re getting the comprehensive coverage you need without breaking the bank.


Benchmarking Reports for Schools

by Tracey Yan

SCSBC has been providing benchmarking reports for many years. Learn how this tool can be used as part of your school’s financial management and budgeting processes.


CSI Pension

by Howard Van Mersbergen

This workshop will give an update on the status of CSI’s Target Benefit Plan and review of the how the Plan provides cost efficiencies and minimizes retirement risks for schools and employees.


Finance Roundtable

CSI Insurance Q&A - Todd Schuilthuis

CRA Document Retention Rules - Tracey Yan


CRA Compliance for Independent Schools

by  Aaron Oh

Learn about some of the key issues of non-compliance found by CRA, how your school can avoid these pitfalls, and what to do if CRA comes to call.  An update on the transition to the new Societies Act will also be provided.


Using Your Annual Financial Reports to Educate Your School Community

by Mike Hansum

This workshop will demonstrate how KCS has used its presentations at AGMs/SAGMs to enhance society members’ understanding of school finances and the annual budget process, to ensure transparency and encourage dialogue, and to develop member confidence in voting on financial matters.


Charitable Tax Framework for New Business Managers

by Tracey Yan

SCSBC’s Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts gives parents access to a legitimate charitable receipting option resulting in considerable benefit to those who pay tuition fees to Christian schools. This workshop assists new business managers, or those needing a refresher, to understand IC75-23 and how to use the SCSBC Charitable Tax Framework.


So You Want a New School

by John Vegt (JKCS) and Jim Rowson (WRCA)

Jim will take you through the process of building a new school.  This will include discussion of affordability, building the team, budgeting, and site specific details.  John will walk through a detailed case study of John Knox Christian School journey to get a feel for what the process of realizing your building project involves from start to finish.  There will be time for Q&A so bring your questions.


Business and Finance Debrief

led by Tracey Yan



Development Workshops

in order of occurrence

Brand Matters

by Gayle Goossen

Brand building is critical in today's noisy world. Apple, Google, LG, Samsung, Sony all sell mobile phones -- same product wrapped in unique personality. Discover why brand is essential for non-profits.


Keeping Faith in Fundraising

by Rod Wilson

While the philanthropic industry has mushroomed and offered us various strategies and techniques to raise funds, one wonders whether Christian fundraising needs a fresh infusion of faith in the God who provides.


Revolutionizing the Donor Journey

by Philip Manzano

This interactive workshop focuses on improving the donor journey  from the first moment a donor discovers your organization, all the way to their next gift. We will look at traditional ways of fundraising, and introduce new processes to challenge how nonprofits work, tell stories, and raise money.


Development Roundtable

with Cathy Kits, Gayle Goossen and Christopher Primeau


Fundraising Strategy

by Christopher Primeau

For many nonprofit leaders, the idea of fundraising and creating sustainability is a daunting task. Questions emerge such as: How can I attract new donors to give to my organization? How can I entice my existing donors to continue to contribute to my organization? How do I make the BIG ask? The focus of this session is to help participants create a framework which will organize and articulate the fundraising strategy which will be effective for charities in the 21st century.


Connecting with Your Donors

by  Marinus Koole and Dave Broughton

Hear and see some real life examples of how Christian Stewardship Services has interacted with supporters of Christian education and other charities. Understand how you can more effectively use of these tools in your own community.


Positioned for Success

by Gayle Goossen

Your mission and vision, set by the board, does not change – it provides the foundation for all of you messaging. This workshop class starts with your mission... and works towards key messages positioned for each unique audience. It is the starting point for a strong and consistent brand.


The Myth of the Whale Hunter

by Christopher Primeau

Often  the easy solution for organizations with a budget shortfall is to call in a “whale hunter” to drum up new business. However this is not always a realistic nor a sustainable approach. For many charities and NPO’s major gifts can be a great benefit, for others it seems to be a never ending obstacle keeping our organization from moving forward. The temptation is to hire, and eventually fire, a rainmaking whale hunter but this can end up being a time waster and damage our relationships. In this talk we will discuss how can we sustain these few, critical relationships, and also build a sustainable model, an ecosystem, where charities and our donors can thrive. In this talk we will discuss the major gift does and don’ts, and address the ultimate question: how can our NPO be built to last, and how does a sustainable development program assure the long term health of the organization and the donor?


Development Debrief

led by Cathy Kits


Keynote Presentation by Rod Wilson

Money and Power

Because money is so central to the work of the business and development offices in our Christian schools, we need to grapple with our own relationship to money and the latent power found in it. Is money just a form of exchange or can it be worshipped? Can those of us who work with it actually make it into an idol?  How do we approach this complex and confusing subject?


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